Sunday, November 9, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Seventeen years ago I was 19 and getting ready for my wedding. I only have spotty memories, supported by photos (pre-digital, sorry, will try to scan but I wouldn't hold your breath). I do remember the night before my wedding one of my rings from a previous boyfriend lost the diamond, probably a sign I should stop wearing it (I did). I know my mom was working on my wedding dress and Kristen's flower girl dress until the last minute, but they were beautiful. Our wedding was small probably less than 50 people, but they were all we needed, our parents, my sister, his brother, grandparents from both sides, neighbors and friends. We had a small reception afterwards with cake and we opened our presents. We knew that Matt's parents were sending us to Hawaii for our honeymoon but getting the tickets and some cash for the trip was definately exciting. After we changed clothes we drove off in our freshly decorated car and went for a bite to eat ( I think I was too nervous to eat before but was starving by then). We didn't leave until the next morning, it was a wonderful trip. Kristen stayed with the grandmas, maybe if she would have gone with us she wouldn't have felt the desire to go so soon after she turned 18? Oh well, here's hoping for another 17 great years.