Saturday, July 28, 2007

Questions, questions....

I think I determined that from the time my son opens his beautiful brown eyes in the morning to the time they close again at night he can ask roughly 1,342 questions. I thought the estimate was a little high but last night while putting the kids to bed he asked at least 100 more. They are anything from "why does my owie still hurt?" (which you can never answer fully, he will always ad another "but why?") to "where is my sister now?" (big sister is visiting relatives in Oklahoma right now). I had told him NO MORE QUESTIONS before that one but then negotiated to answer that one last one (big mistake) because of course there were more. Little sister doesn't ask near as many, most of hers are just simple why questions, I don't need a science degree or the internet to answer those. They have already rubbed off on the baby, she is always pointing and saying "Wha dat?". On the bright side it makes me realize that our decision to homeschool him is a good one. (If that is news to anyone reading this I hope you will support me in this adventure). I don't know a teacher anywhere that would be able to stop and answer at least half his questions in a day.
A few weeks ago he was stuck on whether or not things were flammable (boys!) we are over that for now and on to what sinks and what floats,thankfully, I can handle that one much easier. We made an oil and water bottle yesterday after seeing one at our friends house and he loves it. He isn't up yet, wonder how many questions he will ask before we leave this morning, I should try and keep track.

Well, dh did make it back safe and sound. He kind of looks like his feet were bound or something. He has blisters on the back and the skin is rubbed completely off in the front, he has been wearing sandals for two days but today we have to go to the mountains to finish a job so the boots will have to be put on. ouch! The pictures he took on his trip made me even more sad I wasn't there, it is absolutely beautiful up there (and quiet). Fortunately my dear friend saw how much I wanted to be there and offer to watch the kids next year so dh and I can do a trip (I am so very excited) I would think our dd will go too, she will be 14 by then (really?). So we now have about a year to get the llamas ready to pack, or else pack it ourselves, which is what we have done in the past.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

On his way home

Finally talked to dh this morning and he is on his way home from his CDT backpacking trip. I am so glad, it has been a long 6 days without him. This kids are so excited and I can't wait to see how the baby (15 months old) will react as she has always been kind of a daddy's girl.
I am hoping to get pictures developed this afternoon (I know, should just use the digital) but I will get them on cd and post a few, later after things settle down.

Monday, July 23, 2007

fly away...

Have you ever looked up at an airplane and wondered where all the people are going and wondering if they are going someplace better than you are? I have always thought most of them are going on vacation, visiting long lost relatives, or I suppose some may be going to say a final good bye and some may be on business, but for the most part I bet they are out to have fun. My dd got on the plane today at our little local airport. It was a great place to fly out of since the little kids could actually see the airplanes land and take off. There was no fee for parking and there were only about 8 other passengers. She text me and let me know she made it to Denver, that was before I was even home. (There was a bad wreck on the highway and we were rerouted otherwise we would have been home.) Now she just has to catch a plane to Oklahoma.
I am still feeling uneasy about dh being gone, I am sure he will be fine but I really don't like that I can't talk to him. Of course with my two closest friends also being out of town, I am a real basket case. I can only hope the next few days go by quickly.
Last night was a little better with ds, I can't tell if he is missing dad or if he is upset that dd got to go to grandmas or what but I hope he snaps out of it soon. I took the kids swimming and then we got dinner. When we got home they played outside for a while until bed. Nothing too exciting (which I am okay with.)
So, dh had no interest in watching Brokeback Mountain so I figured I would watch it while he is gone. I thought it was kind of weird, and although I used to have a thing for Heath Ledger, I think I am over it now. Definitely not one of my favorite movies. Let me know if you saw it and have different opinion.
I am hopeful that the battery for my camera will come today. Dh took the little camera with him and although I prefer film, it isn't good for the daily pictures I want to post.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

on our own

Well, dh left yesterday to start his 60+ mile hike on the CDT. Backpacker Magazine had an article in their February issue asking for volunteers to help map out the whole thing and he was chosen as one of the 300/3000. So this is the first time in almost 20 years that we haven't been able to talk everyday. He did take his cell phone but I am guessing coverage will be limited(to say the least). Hopefully they will find enough signal to check in and create a podcast on the cdt blog. He wasn't even sure when he would be back, so this week may be longer than I imagine. I am sure the kids are feeding off my nervousness over him being gone but last night ds had the worst night ever. In the midst of it all he is now not allowed to play with the little boy next door until his dad gets back (that is the only punishment that seems to work). Since that will free up more time I think we will work on our reading with the new Bob Books.
So I got off track, as dh was getting ready to leave our dd came out and said she heard a pop and now the window in the dining room is cracking. Well, dh had to get going so I was left cleaning up the glass with 5 kids for an audience (the little boy from next door was over). I told the kids to go outside and got to work. I wish I had the battery for my digital camera so I could have taken a picture, it was kind of pretty since the glass was tempered, but it was a huge mess to clean up. However, no blood was lost in the process.
I think I will take dd to the mall (along with the other 3 kids) to get a few school clothes since she leaves tomorrow for about 3 weeks. I don't know if we will have much time when she gets back to do any shopping. Besides I need to get out of the house.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

rain, rain, rain

Today was one of those strangely long days. I started off with a walk at the school track. My friends and I are training for the Breast Cancer 3 day and thought that the kids (6 of them between the two of us) would play on the football field while we walked. That didn't happen. Then we were off to swim lessons, ds did so good, he has one more lesson tomorrow. Afterwards we went a got a birthday present for a friend and then went to her party. The kids had a great time "painting" with pudding all over the basement. (I was really glad we weren't at my house.) I did realize that I need to let the kids get messy more often since my son kept telling me how much fun he had. The kids were really good today too, especially ds. After the party we came home and relaxed for a while. My husband came home with our older dd after working in the mountains and they were soaked. The nice thing about the rain is it really cools things down so I was able to open up the house (this is important I promise). We went to take dd to Civil Air Patrol and then get something to eat and while we were eating it started raining and raining, it was still coming down in buckets when it was time to leave to pick dd up so we all got wet, I think that it kind of scared our 3 y.o. dd but she did okay. Long story short, when we got home the dining room was flooded, our new table had water all over it and the chairs, and the water had also leaked in the basement and through the vents. All in all nothing was ruined, I think the wood floors will be okay, and I learned never to leave the windows open it there is a cloud in the sky.
I have been thinking that since dh is going to be gone most of next week that I might have a slumber party. Haven't had one in about 20 years, might be fun, a few moms, a few more kids, lots of great food and drinks and we could have a great time. I will have to think a little more on it but for now, I am off to bed before the baby wakes up to nurse. Goodnight.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I am sure that I didn't always get along with my sister growing up, but some days it seems my kids are fighting constantly. I don't know if it is unfair of me to expect the 13 y.o. to act more mature than her 5 y.o. brother or not. My husband says it is the least common denominator theory; all kids act the age of the youngest child. I have to say it has some truth to it. I need to pay more attention and make a note if there is ever a day when no one fights, because I can't remember the last time that happened.
Yesterday my friend Gina and I went to get pedicures after yoga, we both got fancy flowers painted on. My hair may not be fixed and my make up worn off for hours but my toes sure are pretty. Sometimes it is the little things in life that make you smile. (Need to work one that sandal tan.)

Monday, July 16, 2007

to blog or not to blog...

I have been pondering for a while about creating a blog. I love to read them and like the idea of recording things in my life (really I mean the kids life, it will make scrapbooking easier), I just don't know if I am dedicated enough to keep up with it (who is really going to read it anyway?). In the end I decided to go for it. I was trying to think of a good name and even googled blog names but tonight at yoga our instructor read this poem and I thought that's it!
Since it is late this post will be short but just wanted to summarize the day. Our son had his 7th swim lesson today. I am amazed at how far he has come and am really glad that we opted for the private lessons. The older girls always took lessons at the pool and didn't seem to learn as much as he has. It it really nice that there is a little play area for the two younger girls to play while big brother is in the water. After that we all came home and I was so glad to not have to be anywhere. I should have gotten a lot done around here but only managed one load of clothes and the dishes then the younger girls took a nap, and I joined them. As I was laying there I was thinking about how sometimes where you need to be is right where you are. (does that make sense?) Anyway, I enjoyed my time just laying there and looking at my children. I can catch up on everything else when they are older.