Tuesday, October 2, 2007

School, a decision to be made

This morning I found my dd in tears as she stared at her uniform for her new school. It broke my heart, her dad and I want her to make a good decision about where to go to school and I know it may seem like one day isn't long enough to make an informed choice but frankly the things she told me about her new school makes me a little relieved that she doesn't want to go back. Now the curve ball, she didn't just say she doesn't want to go back she said she would rather be home schooled than to go back there. (I am not really sure if that is a complement on our previous home schooling experience or not) Anyway, I decided that for today at least, she will stay home and work on a report of sorts weighing the pros and cons and coming up with a plan if we decided to home school vs. returning to her previous school.
Speaking of schooling, ds is going to work with his dad for the second day in a row. I know he learns tons (probably more than at home) when he is with him. Yesterday they were looking at the map, and ds got orientated right away and pointed in the right direction and said there should be an airport over there and there was. (I must say I am glad he got his dad's sense of direction, and am quite glad that gps has been invented for him mom.)Haven't mentioned him before, but it has been two months since we lost our sweet Rex. Rex was Miranda's dog, they did lots together. For a long time they slept together, I had to put a stop to it because, well, he was quite slimy. But for all the hair he shed and slime the shook, we miss him terribly. As I am cleaning I will usually find a reminder of him, slobber 8 feet up the wall from a head shake (think Turner and Hooch), or a sock from the depths of dd's room that is still hanging on to some of his hair. We found out in May, right before a camping trip with some friends, that he had bone cancer. We made a few adjustments to our schedule and took him with us on our trip instead of the to younger ones. I think that was a very healing trip. We all took turns babysitting him while others went on hikes or to the beach (no dogs allowed) and once again he was sleeping with his master. He turned around for a while, quit limping and even jumped around with his other canine buddies, but then his pain got worse and meds got stronger but didn't provide the relief he needed. When we moved here in 1999 we brought 4 dogs with us, Rex was the last of these. First we lost Cass, she too was a mastiff, Rex's girlfriend, then our Golden, Princess (didn't name her, she came that way) and then Zach, our Great Pyr. For the first time in 15 years we don't have a Neapolitan Mastiff among us.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Weekend musings

There are many things I admire about my oldest daughter (the oldest who still lives at home, the oldest oldest is in Hawaii) one of them is her readiness to try new things. I don't think I was that brave when I was her age. Last year she started going to Civil Air Patrol (CAP) and went all on her own, I always wanted a friend with me, still do. She has done wonderful and will have another promotion on Thursday. Anyway, she also started a new school today. We got a call last Wednesday that there was an opening at a local school and wondered if we wanted it, I hadn't even told Miranda that I put her on the wait list because I figured it was more for next year. We left the final decision up to her and although I wasn't sure she was going to go through with it on Friday, she did and is there now. When kids are little and you take them to a new school, you walk them to class, meet the teacher etc... this morning they whisked her off and I barely got to say I'll pick you up later. I was kind of "lost" after dropping her off, didn't really know what to do. Of course the two little ones started in that they were hungry and snapped me out of my fog, life moves fast huh?
My visit with my old friend on Wednesday was good. (by old, I mean the friendship is old not the friend, just in case you are reading this Bev) The kids picked right up as if they hadn't had a 2 year break. It was so neat to see how much they have grown and changed over the years. All 3 of her boys are great. The last time I had see the youngest he was almost 2 and now he just celebrated turning 4, he has changed the most, he is about the cutest little guy I have ever seen.
Just to continue with catching up we also went to a scrapbooking crop this weekend, there were 3 of us, we left my house about 6:30 am and traveled 2+ hours away, cropped, ate, conversed for 12 hours and headed home around 9 pm. This is the longest I have been away from all of my kids in many years. I won't lie, I had a wonderful time being "off duty" for the day. I was however glad to see my youngest still up when I returned home at 11:30 pm (man that is late for her), we settled in for a night time nursing and then she was content to play for a while so I could check my email (I had also been away from my computer!). We eventually went to bed around 12:30 am. As I was fixing my hair that morning I remember thinking there is no way this is really going to happen (I am usually a positive thinker but this was too good to be true so I had my doubts) When 6:30 came around and my friend wasn't here yet I was nervous so I called her, she was on her way! (no sure why I was worried when she wasn't her on time, neither one of us has been on time in years, and it was only a few minutes) I don't think it was until I sat down in my chair and started pulling out all my supplies that I realized I was actually going to have the opportunity to scrap book for 12 hours without kids interrupting, I believe at this point I was "giddy". We did leave and go have lunch (once again a treat to go have lunch with girlfriends, if all our kids had been they would have totaled 12) but worked through dinner (ordered pizza with some others). I finished journaling an album, got dh's album from his summer backpacking trip done (he will have to journal that one) and got a ton of organizing done. This crop was mostly consultants for Creative Memories (THE best scrap booking supplies available) so I picked up some good tips.
My wonderful Brother and Sister in law made a big donation to my Breast Cancer 3 day walk, I am getting closer! I am a little concerned that I have 25 days left and over 1200 left to raise but we have a big dinner planned for this weekend and hopefully that will help. Need to get my ebay aution up and going in the next few days. I will have 2 purposes for that, anything with pink in it will go for the 3 day walk any thing else will go for my Hawaii fund. Will post when it is up.
I have been fighting a cold for a while, fortunately felt pretty good on Saturday, but Sunday I was feeling kind of run down. The kids were playing good and I was able to rest a lot. I would still like to just lay around sipping tea today but at least I feel better. Overall, I had a great weekend, hope you did too.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Putting Mom on a Plane

Well tomorrow mom goes home. It is always bitter sweet, where it will be nice to have our routine back we will all miss having Grammy here. Visits are a strange thing, it seems to take a few days to get into the swing of having another person around and just about the time you get a groove going it is time for that person to leave. We got some done on the quilt despite the fact that my machine is caput. However a few years ago Mom had got an old machine for my oldest daughter and it is working great for now (don't tell hubby, still want to buy a new one soon).
I really must say, I think it is a pretty machine and made in the USA, not sure if you can find that very much. Another plus is that it is simple, like my sewing ability.

Anyway, here is a preliminary of what the quilt looks like, although I have already discovered a few things I will definitely do different next time. This was before I cut it into 8" squares.I think the strips will have to be bricked ( I think that is the term, I am not so hip on my quilt lingo) because my seams don't really match (it is my first quilt you know).

I will post a picture when it is done, I promise, no matter how it looks, even if it is in the trash :).

I got this really cute hat for Naomi at the thrift store a few weeks ago and lately Julia has taken to wearing it. I think it is so cute.Well, after the airport tomorrow we are going to visit an old friend. I am so excited since we haven't really talked or gotten our kids together in 2 years, (time does fly). I have had lots of signs that I need to get in touch with this friend and I am so glad I have. We have lots to catch up on.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Pillow Talk

Since Soulemama's book doesn't come out until next year, I was excited when she shared a craft for kids on her craftsanity interview. So, yesterday was our day to make a pillow. I wasn't real sure how this was going to go but the littlest one was down for a nap so I knew we were off to a good start. The other two drew their pictures on the canvas, Logan's is a picture of him looking up at his older sister who is flying in an airplane. I think there is also some ice cream being thrown at the plane, and of course there is a caterpillar climbing up a flower.
Naomi's is a picture of a car and I think her baby sister is in it somewhere.
At one point the boy next door came over and I think my son was tired of sewing so he gave him a quick lesson and recruited his help. I think I had to sew about 80% of Naomi's and only about 45% of Logans.
Mom and I have managed to cut a few of the pieces for the quilt. (I got a self healing mat and rotary cutter for this, I love it!) I am not sure what made me think that I would magically have more time when she came to visit for us to work on this quilt. I truly thought we would sew for hours and hours without interruption. I will give dh credit, he has been trying to help but there are a few things only mom can do, I call it job security. I remind myself that someday I won't be needed as much or as intensely until then I will take time where I can get it and remind myself to enjoy life as it is today.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Mom is coming

I am so excited! We will be leaving soon (after I feed, bath and clothe the 3 kids) to go get Mom from the airport. It will be a great visit, I just know it. We have lots planned with plenty of time to visit. Well, off to dish out oatmeal.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Work in progress

I have determined that a blog is just a work in progress, kind of like laundry only more fun. Unfortunately the world will not stop if I don't get on here to update so it doesn't always happen. I am trying. Lots happening here since the last post. My baby boy had his 6th birthday. We had friends over for dinner, cake and to make lookie loo bottles. I think the kids enjoyed the making part but I know mine at least haven't played with them much since. Of course imagining my son as a little boy now is sometimes too much to handle. I ran across an article in the paper about his birth, I think the reporter originally called us because he was born at home but then learned about how we found out he was a boy instead of another girl like the doctor who did the ultrasound thought. It is amazing how much he has grown, we had his 2nd birthday the weekend after we moved into our new home and he could barely reach the light switch, and yesterday he hit his head on the bar height counter top, he has gotten so tall. (his head is fine btw)
I think my biggest challenges these days are wanting to do so much and not having enough time to do it in. I know, this is a challenge for anyone let alone a mother right? Well, I am trying to figure out where all my commitments fit in with being the parent I want to be. Can I take on one more thing and still find time to play cards with the kids? Is it possible to work in another meeting and yet maintain an interest in grasshoppers? I think not. I am going to have to perfect the art of saying no. No to things I don't want to do but also no to a few things I might be interested in. That said, my mom is coming in 2 days (I can't wait) and we are planning to start on quilts for the girls bedroom. I have looked and looked for a quilt and they either aren't quiet the right color or cost a fortune so I decided to start looking for material instead. I have been real lucky at the thrift stores and have found lots of scraps with colors I think will go great together. I also found a huge piece (6 yards?) of a very pretty fabric that I hope will work for part of the quilt, a valance for the window and some pillow shams (is 6 yards enough for all that?) Anyway, I will be sure to post pictures as the work unfolds. Did I mention I have never made a quilt before? Should be fun anyway, a 3 generation quilt, heirloom quality I am sure.
I am working on making my photos a little bigger (just a suggestion from a friend) but not sure if I will master that for this post or not. Don't want to overwhelm myself.
My poor dog (see Aug 1), this morning he went chasing after a (*^$#%&^^%$%^&%$%) rabbit (I love all creatures, just wish there were a few less rabbits out here) anyway, he ran behind the neighbors truck and came out screaming, I am of coursing thinking it was a jackalope and it kicked his butt but he was limping bad so we called the vet. Well, after xrays I was looking over his leg while contemplating surgical options for a cruciate repair and noticed a hole in his knee. Apparently what really happened was the rabbit had a long skinny sword and poked his knee. So he is on antibiotics and pain meds for a week, hopefully it won't infect the joint. He is quite pitiful as he won't put any weight on it and limps all over.
Since my goal is to spend more time with the kids, quality time that is (I spend plenty of time with them in general), I am off to start on our bedtime routine. The little girls are soaking in the tub as I type and I figure I should go wash the grime and turn them back in to little princesses instead of homeless orphans.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Breast Cancer 3 day

I have only briefly mentioned that I am training for the Breast Cancer 3 Day walk in October. Well, October is getting closer and I am a little worried. I need to really step up the fund raising, I am at $305 out of the $2200 I need to participate. I know lots of my family intend to support me and think that it is a ways off but I need to know I will make it long before the deadline just to make travel plans. I was watching 3 day video blogs on youtube.com earlier and it had me in tears, I have to do this, for me, for my children and for my family. So, it is back to the fundraising resources online, better get busy.
We had a great time camping this weekend. I have decided that the youngest just doesn't sleep well on the ground, which translates into I don't sleep well. But it was worth it because the next day the Grandparents watched all 3 little ones while dh and I went on a motorcycle ride and had a good time browsing the shops in Creed then having a delicious lunch while sharing a table with some wonderful people. There were 3 couples who have been meeting up in this little town for many, many years (I think some of them more than 20), they had some great stories and were very friendly. This town has that effect on people. I know we have been going there for at least 15 years and my dh has been going since he was a little boy.
The kiddos had kind of a rough day, I think they were still tired from all the activities this weekend, but now they are all tucked in and the house is quiet. I think I will go and work on whatever it is that I am knitting (I have no pattern, I just felt like knitting this weekend and started something) I imagine it will just be a scarf, or maybe I will undo it like everything else I have knitted and start over, again.

One of the kids favorite bedtime snack is ice cream. We have had dietary issues with dairy in our house for 3 years so real ice cream is a treat, although dd doesn't mind eating Ricedream, most of the time. Nothing beats a cool treat on a hot summer night.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Going Camping, sort of....

So, we are going camping today, just for the night. The in-laws are staying at a campground about 3-4 hours from here and so we will join them. I prefer when we camp to not go for less than 2 nights (too much work for just one) and I really like it better when we are up in the mountains so my children and dogs can run free... But at least the in-laws have a nice camper and the kids like it so they will no doubt want to be over there vs our tent, and I am counting on them cooking, so really it isn't going to be so much like camping as it will be just visiting, from a tent.

I think this is my favorite picture right now, the kids look like they actually like each other and were playing really well. For the most part they are good playmates, but every now and then they fight like ....well, like brother and sister.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Long time no post

I have been spending more of my time reading blogs rather than writing on mine. I don't know why that is so, just not real motivated these days. Our older dd went back to school last week. She was only home for a week from her journey to OK and TX, but that was long enough for her and her brother to get on my nerves. Not sure why those two can't get along, maybe the sibling thing, don't know.
After talking to my neighbor whose son goes to the local school I am once again reassured that homeschooling is right for ds. The kindergarten class has almost 30 students in it! I feel so sorry for that teacher and don't know how she can possibly teach the kids anything. I am also relieved that my friend whom also homeschools has decided we should not go to COS for co-op classes (it is an hour each way) and we should just do our own. That will make my life with MOPS easier since they were on the same day. Speaking of which it is getting closer to the start of our fall semester for MOPS. I am glad that our whole year seems to be coming together ( I am on the steering team) and I can't wait to see all my friends again.
Today was one of those rare days where I had HOURS to myself. My friend watched the kiddos while I went off to run errands. I browsed Hobby Lobby (you can't do that very well with a 1, 3, and 5 year old), wandered through the thrift stores, ate lunch out, and alone ( I always think people feel sorry for me eating alone but it doesn't happen very often and I actually enjoy it), and then went to Vitamin Cottage for a few groceries. My trade off was to bring 2 extra kids home with me for 1 1/2 hours (I am pretty sure I got the better end of the deal today but I will pay my dues on Friday). Although there are still dishes to be done, laundry to be folded and toys to put away, I am going to have a shower and go to bed, the rest can wait until tomorning.

In case you were wondering...
Tomorning is a word invented by my son when he was about 3. I have always thought it was a very functional word. He didn't vanish from this picture, when he was first potty trained (around the same time he invented the word) he would always get naked to do his biz, if he had time he would lay out his clothes to make putting them back on easier. Gosh I love this kid.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Tomorrow is a new day

I started off this morning cleaning. I got the office cleaned and rearranged, the kids cleaned their room and I got it vacuumed, and I even got my room straightened (I won't call it clean...) and the vacuumed, then today happened. After 6 kids were done with it, the house looks only a little better then if a tornado had come through. This is partly my fault because I am trying to get our school area set up and I had to move around the toy area, then of course, I had to roll up the rug because it had to be swept underneath, and I never get to finish a project in the same day so I will have to put it all back together tomorrow.
Yesterday we went to our first homeschool park day with the coop group in COS. The kids had a great time and seemed to enjoy meeting new kids. I think ds will have a good time this fall when we have class once a week. The moms were all real nice and welcomed us. I hope to get to know them better.
Yesterday was such a long day and I think that might have had an impact on ds behavior today. I just don't know what to do when he has such a horrible, no good, rotten kind of day. It is frustrating to see him make one bad decision after another. We had some friends over and that was good for dd because she got to play with her friend and not get into it with her brother. Unfortunately for ds's friend he wasn't being very nice. Sometimes I can trace his behavior to too much sugar, but I think today it must have just been too much over stimulation. This makes my list of reasons to homeschool even bigger. I can just imagine having a day like that at school.
In the midst of all that was wrong today I feel I must find some good in it. For quite a while today ds did come and sit with me, just needing to be touched and cuddled. We were watching a show and it had someone on there who was in a tornado, he had so many questions. Since I grew up in Oklahoma I was able to answer most of those accurately :) . The mother on the show was also paralyzed as a result and that was another whole set of questions. It was amazing that the mother was so grateful for life even though she was having to learn how to do everything from her chair. She said she spends a whole lot more time just watching the kids. As hard as it is for me to realize it in the middle of all the chaos, I know that too soon these little ones will be grown. I was trying to have the littlest babe, who is 16 months old today, sleep in the room with her brother and sister and just going to get her when she would wake up. For the last few nights she has gone to bed with us instead and I have to say it has been nice. I like feeling her little body curled up next to me, although usually by morning she is closer to her Dad, (she would have to be classified as a Daddy's girl I think).
A few years back we adopted a border collie mix from the pound. Dh actually picked him out and I was hoping they would bond. Well, the poor dog is scared to death of dh, but the other night we had a really bad thunder storm and the dog just jumped right up on his lap, 3 different times. And when dh went into his office he went around and got under the desk. You would really have to know how petrified this dog is of dh to know that he must have been just out of his mind when the storm hit.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Questions, questions....

I think I determined that from the time my son opens his beautiful brown eyes in the morning to the time they close again at night he can ask roughly 1,342 questions. I thought the estimate was a little high but last night while putting the kids to bed he asked at least 100 more. They are anything from "why does my owie still hurt?" (which you can never answer fully, he will always ad another "but why?") to "where is my sister now?" (big sister is visiting relatives in Oklahoma right now). I had told him NO MORE QUESTIONS before that one but then negotiated to answer that one last one (big mistake) because of course there were more. Little sister doesn't ask near as many, most of hers are just simple why questions, I don't need a science degree or the internet to answer those. They have already rubbed off on the baby, she is always pointing and saying "Wha dat?". On the bright side it makes me realize that our decision to homeschool him is a good one. (If that is news to anyone reading this I hope you will support me in this adventure). I don't know a teacher anywhere that would be able to stop and answer at least half his questions in a day.
A few weeks ago he was stuck on whether or not things were flammable (boys!) we are over that for now and on to what sinks and what floats,thankfully, I can handle that one much easier. We made an oil and water bottle yesterday after seeing one at our friends house and he loves it. He isn't up yet, wonder how many questions he will ask before we leave this morning, I should try and keep track.

Well, dh did make it back safe and sound. He kind of looks like his feet were bound or something. He has blisters on the back and the skin is rubbed completely off in the front, he has been wearing sandals for two days but today we have to go to the mountains to finish a job so the boots will have to be put on. ouch! The pictures he took on his trip made me even more sad I wasn't there, it is absolutely beautiful up there (and quiet). Fortunately my dear friend saw how much I wanted to be there and offer to watch the kids next year so dh and I can do a trip (I am so very excited) I would think our dd will go too, she will be 14 by then (really?). So we now have about a year to get the llamas ready to pack, or else pack it ourselves, which is what we have done in the past.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

On his way home

Finally talked to dh this morning and he is on his way home from his CDT backpacking trip. I am so glad, it has been a long 6 days without him. This kids are so excited and I can't wait to see how the baby (15 months old) will react as she has always been kind of a daddy's girl.
I am hoping to get pictures developed this afternoon (I know, should just use the digital) but I will get them on cd and post a few, later after things settle down.

Monday, July 23, 2007

fly away...

Have you ever looked up at an airplane and wondered where all the people are going and wondering if they are going someplace better than you are? I have always thought most of them are going on vacation, visiting long lost relatives, or I suppose some may be going to say a final good bye and some may be on business, but for the most part I bet they are out to have fun. My dd got on the plane today at our little local airport. It was a great place to fly out of since the little kids could actually see the airplanes land and take off. There was no fee for parking and there were only about 8 other passengers. She text me and let me know she made it to Denver, that was before I was even home. (There was a bad wreck on the highway and we were rerouted otherwise we would have been home.) Now she just has to catch a plane to Oklahoma.
I am still feeling uneasy about dh being gone, I am sure he will be fine but I really don't like that I can't talk to him. Of course with my two closest friends also being out of town, I am a real basket case. I can only hope the next few days go by quickly.
Last night was a little better with ds, I can't tell if he is missing dad or if he is upset that dd got to go to grandmas or what but I hope he snaps out of it soon. I took the kids swimming and then we got dinner. When we got home they played outside for a while until bed. Nothing too exciting (which I am okay with.)
So, dh had no interest in watching Brokeback Mountain so I figured I would watch it while he is gone. I thought it was kind of weird, and although I used to have a thing for Heath Ledger, I think I am over it now. Definitely not one of my favorite movies. Let me know if you saw it and have different opinion.
I am hopeful that the battery for my camera will come today. Dh took the little camera with him and although I prefer film, it isn't good for the daily pictures I want to post.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

on our own

Well, dh left yesterday to start his 60+ mile hike on the CDT. Backpacker Magazine had an article in their February issue asking for volunteers to help map out the whole thing and he was chosen as one of the 300/3000. So this is the first time in almost 20 years that we haven't been able to talk everyday. He did take his cell phone but I am guessing coverage will be limited(to say the least). Hopefully they will find enough signal to check in and create a podcast on the cdt blog. He wasn't even sure when he would be back, so this week may be longer than I imagine. I am sure the kids are feeding off my nervousness over him being gone but last night ds had the worst night ever. In the midst of it all he is now not allowed to play with the little boy next door until his dad gets back (that is the only punishment that seems to work). Since that will free up more time I think we will work on our reading with the new Bob Books.
So I got off track, as dh was getting ready to leave our dd came out and said she heard a pop and now the window in the dining room is cracking. Well, dh had to get going so I was left cleaning up the glass with 5 kids for an audience (the little boy from next door was over). I told the kids to go outside and got to work. I wish I had the battery for my digital camera so I could have taken a picture, it was kind of pretty since the glass was tempered, but it was a huge mess to clean up. However, no blood was lost in the process.
I think I will take dd to the mall (along with the other 3 kids) to get a few school clothes since she leaves tomorrow for about 3 weeks. I don't know if we will have much time when she gets back to do any shopping. Besides I need to get out of the house.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

rain, rain, rain

Today was one of those strangely long days. I started off with a walk at the school track. My friends and I are training for the Breast Cancer 3 day and thought that the kids (6 of them between the two of us) would play on the football field while we walked. That didn't happen. Then we were off to swim lessons, ds did so good, he has one more lesson tomorrow. Afterwards we went a got a birthday present for a friend and then went to her party. The kids had a great time "painting" with pudding all over the basement. (I was really glad we weren't at my house.) I did realize that I need to let the kids get messy more often since my son kept telling me how much fun he had. The kids were really good today too, especially ds. After the party we came home and relaxed for a while. My husband came home with our older dd after working in the mountains and they were soaked. The nice thing about the rain is it really cools things down so I was able to open up the house (this is important I promise). We went to take dd to Civil Air Patrol and then get something to eat and while we were eating it started raining and raining, it was still coming down in buckets when it was time to leave to pick dd up so we all got wet, I think that it kind of scared our 3 y.o. dd but she did okay. Long story short, when we got home the dining room was flooded, our new table had water all over it and the chairs, and the water had also leaked in the basement and through the vents. All in all nothing was ruined, I think the wood floors will be okay, and I learned never to leave the windows open it there is a cloud in the sky.
I have been thinking that since dh is going to be gone most of next week that I might have a slumber party. Haven't had one in about 20 years, might be fun, a few moms, a few more kids, lots of great food and drinks and we could have a great time. I will have to think a little more on it but for now, I am off to bed before the baby wakes up to nurse. Goodnight.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I am sure that I didn't always get along with my sister growing up, but some days it seems my kids are fighting constantly. I don't know if it is unfair of me to expect the 13 y.o. to act more mature than her 5 y.o. brother or not. My husband says it is the least common denominator theory; all kids act the age of the youngest child. I have to say it has some truth to it. I need to pay more attention and make a note if there is ever a day when no one fights, because I can't remember the last time that happened.
Yesterday my friend Gina and I went to get pedicures after yoga, we both got fancy flowers painted on. My hair may not be fixed and my make up worn off for hours but my toes sure are pretty. Sometimes it is the little things in life that make you smile. (Need to work one that sandal tan.)

Monday, July 16, 2007

to blog or not to blog...

I have been pondering for a while about creating a blog. I love to read them and like the idea of recording things in my life (really I mean the kids life, it will make scrapbooking easier), I just don't know if I am dedicated enough to keep up with it (who is really going to read it anyway?). In the end I decided to go for it. I was trying to think of a good name and even googled blog names but tonight at yoga our instructor read this poem and I thought that's it!
Since it is late this post will be short but just wanted to summarize the day. Our son had his 7th swim lesson today. I am amazed at how far he has come and am really glad that we opted for the private lessons. The older girls always took lessons at the pool and didn't seem to learn as much as he has. It it really nice that there is a little play area for the two younger girls to play while big brother is in the water. After that we all came home and I was so glad to not have to be anywhere. I should have gotten a lot done around here but only managed one load of clothes and the dishes then the younger girls took a nap, and I joined them. As I was laying there I was thinking about how sometimes where you need to be is right where you are. (does that make sense?) Anyway, I enjoyed my time just laying there and looking at my children. I can catch up on everything else when they are older.