Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Putting Mom on a Plane

Well tomorrow mom goes home. It is always bitter sweet, where it will be nice to have our routine back we will all miss having Grammy here. Visits are a strange thing, it seems to take a few days to get into the swing of having another person around and just about the time you get a groove going it is time for that person to leave. We got some done on the quilt despite the fact that my machine is caput. However a few years ago Mom had got an old machine for my oldest daughter and it is working great for now (don't tell hubby, still want to buy a new one soon).
I really must say, I think it is a pretty machine and made in the USA, not sure if you can find that very much. Another plus is that it is simple, like my sewing ability.

Anyway, here is a preliminary of what the quilt looks like, although I have already discovered a few things I will definitely do different next time. This was before I cut it into 8" squares.I think the strips will have to be bricked ( I think that is the term, I am not so hip on my quilt lingo) because my seams don't really match (it is my first quilt you know).

I will post a picture when it is done, I promise, no matter how it looks, even if it is in the trash :).

I got this really cute hat for Naomi at the thrift store a few weeks ago and lately Julia has taken to wearing it. I think it is so cute.Well, after the airport tomorrow we are going to visit an old friend. I am so excited since we haven't really talked or gotten our kids together in 2 years, (time does fly). I have had lots of signs that I need to get in touch with this friend and I am so glad I have. We have lots to catch up on.

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Gina said...

Your pics look great, Mich! I agree, that machine is super cool. :)