Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Putting Mom on a Plane

Well tomorrow mom goes home. It is always bitter sweet, where it will be nice to have our routine back we will all miss having Grammy here. Visits are a strange thing, it seems to take a few days to get into the swing of having another person around and just about the time you get a groove going it is time for that person to leave. We got some done on the quilt despite the fact that my machine is caput. However a few years ago Mom had got an old machine for my oldest daughter and it is working great for now (don't tell hubby, still want to buy a new one soon).
I really must say, I think it is a pretty machine and made in the USA, not sure if you can find that very much. Another plus is that it is simple, like my sewing ability.

Anyway, here is a preliminary of what the quilt looks like, although I have already discovered a few things I will definitely do different next time. This was before I cut it into 8" squares.I think the strips will have to be bricked ( I think that is the term, I am not so hip on my quilt lingo) because my seams don't really match (it is my first quilt you know).

I will post a picture when it is done, I promise, no matter how it looks, even if it is in the trash :).

I got this really cute hat for Naomi at the thrift store a few weeks ago and lately Julia has taken to wearing it. I think it is so cute.Well, after the airport tomorrow we are going to visit an old friend. I am so excited since we haven't really talked or gotten our kids together in 2 years, (time does fly). I have had lots of signs that I need to get in touch with this friend and I am so glad I have. We have lots to catch up on.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Pillow Talk

Since Soulemama's book doesn't come out until next year, I was excited when she shared a craft for kids on her craftsanity interview. So, yesterday was our day to make a pillow. I wasn't real sure how this was going to go but the littlest one was down for a nap so I knew we were off to a good start. The other two drew their pictures on the canvas, Logan's is a picture of him looking up at his older sister who is flying in an airplane. I think there is also some ice cream being thrown at the plane, and of course there is a caterpillar climbing up a flower.
Naomi's is a picture of a car and I think her baby sister is in it somewhere.
At one point the boy next door came over and I think my son was tired of sewing so he gave him a quick lesson and recruited his help. I think I had to sew about 80% of Naomi's and only about 45% of Logans.
Mom and I have managed to cut a few of the pieces for the quilt. (I got a self healing mat and rotary cutter for this, I love it!) I am not sure what made me think that I would magically have more time when she came to visit for us to work on this quilt. I truly thought we would sew for hours and hours without interruption. I will give dh credit, he has been trying to help but there are a few things only mom can do, I call it job security. I remind myself that someday I won't be needed as much or as intensely until then I will take time where I can get it and remind myself to enjoy life as it is today.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Mom is coming

I am so excited! We will be leaving soon (after I feed, bath and clothe the 3 kids) to go get Mom from the airport. It will be a great visit, I just know it. We have lots planned with plenty of time to visit. Well, off to dish out oatmeal.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Work in progress

I have determined that a blog is just a work in progress, kind of like laundry only more fun. Unfortunately the world will not stop if I don't get on here to update so it doesn't always happen. I am trying. Lots happening here since the last post. My baby boy had his 6th birthday. We had friends over for dinner, cake and to make lookie loo bottles. I think the kids enjoyed the making part but I know mine at least haven't played with them much since. Of course imagining my son as a little boy now is sometimes too much to handle. I ran across an article in the paper about his birth, I think the reporter originally called us because he was born at home but then learned about how we found out he was a boy instead of another girl like the doctor who did the ultrasound thought. It is amazing how much he has grown, we had his 2nd birthday the weekend after we moved into our new home and he could barely reach the light switch, and yesterday he hit his head on the bar height counter top, he has gotten so tall. (his head is fine btw)
I think my biggest challenges these days are wanting to do so much and not having enough time to do it in. I know, this is a challenge for anyone let alone a mother right? Well, I am trying to figure out where all my commitments fit in with being the parent I want to be. Can I take on one more thing and still find time to play cards with the kids? Is it possible to work in another meeting and yet maintain an interest in grasshoppers? I think not. I am going to have to perfect the art of saying no. No to things I don't want to do but also no to a few things I might be interested in. That said, my mom is coming in 2 days (I can't wait) and we are planning to start on quilts for the girls bedroom. I have looked and looked for a quilt and they either aren't quiet the right color or cost a fortune so I decided to start looking for material instead. I have been real lucky at the thrift stores and have found lots of scraps with colors I think will go great together. I also found a huge piece (6 yards?) of a very pretty fabric that I hope will work for part of the quilt, a valance for the window and some pillow shams (is 6 yards enough for all that?) Anyway, I will be sure to post pictures as the work unfolds. Did I mention I have never made a quilt before? Should be fun anyway, a 3 generation quilt, heirloom quality I am sure.
I am working on making my photos a little bigger (just a suggestion from a friend) but not sure if I will master that for this post or not. Don't want to overwhelm myself.
My poor dog (see Aug 1), this morning he went chasing after a (*^$#%&^^%$%^&%$%) rabbit (I love all creatures, just wish there were a few less rabbits out here) anyway, he ran behind the neighbors truck and came out screaming, I am of coursing thinking it was a jackalope and it kicked his butt but he was limping bad so we called the vet. Well, after xrays I was looking over his leg while contemplating surgical options for a cruciate repair and noticed a hole in his knee. Apparently what really happened was the rabbit had a long skinny sword and poked his knee. So he is on antibiotics and pain meds for a week, hopefully it won't infect the joint. He is quite pitiful as he won't put any weight on it and limps all over.
Since my goal is to spend more time with the kids, quality time that is (I spend plenty of time with them in general), I am off to start on our bedtime routine. The little girls are soaking in the tub as I type and I figure I should go wash the grime and turn them back in to little princesses instead of homeless orphans.