Saturday, April 25, 2009

Program update

Well, today is day 25, my weightloss is still going well at 18.5# as of this am. I am for the most part not hungry although on the weekends I do want to eat. I hesitate to say I am hungry, I really just think it is related more to being at home, feeding kids and such. I am really excited to imagine what my w/l will be at the end. I have 25 days/18 injections left hoping to lose another 10-15#. I am already imagining what foods I want to eat when I am no longer on the program. I think an omlette is my first meal. I miss breads but not as much as I thought I would. I will be happy with more variety of good foods. I certainly do not want to gain any weight in between rounds.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

11,12 & 13

So my weight went down more over the past few days (yeah) I have now lost 11.8#. I had a slight increase today which could be a number of things, I worked almost a full day yesterday, have been having more detox symptoms. I don't really know why buy it is hard to see the scale go up. I am sure tomorrow it will go right back down. I have to remind myself that I have lost almost 12# in 14 days, that is pretty darn cool.

So anyone who knows me knows I have a not-so-secret boyfriend. His name is Dave and I get to see him on Saturday, Matt is taking me (weird huh?). If you have not for some reason heard about Dave then I encourage you to check out his website. We are not very far along in the plan but it is nice to feel hope about our future. One of the things I really like about him is his political outlook, he repeatedly says only you can change your future, the government is not going to make a difference. That helps me to not get discouraged by the news and to just keep doing what I can to make a difference in my life. Also check out, I think it will be great.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

8, 9, & 10

Well, I had a small gain on day 8 of .1 but am pretty sure I traced it to the grissino bread stick I ate, it is allowed on the original diet but as is the case with most stuff in America they have added oil. So that left me with a .8 loss on day 9 and .3 on day 10. Basically 1 # over 3 days. I am sure I am missing something I just haven't figured out what it is yet. So yesterday I decided to go back to the very basics which paid off because I had 1.3# loss this morning. My total now is -9.3# in 11 days (although in the program you eat normally for the first 2 injection days).

Today is the Easter egg hunt at church, I am hoping that the weather cooperates and we are able to do this at the park. Trying to blackmail the kids into cleaning before we have to leave, not working all that great but they have made some progress. Suppose I better get to it also.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

7 for 7

Today was day seven and I have lost 7 pounds (that's a movie isn't it?). Now if you add up my weight loss to now you will notice it is more than 7. The first two days on the diet you are still eating to capacity and I had a 2+ gain on day two. That is normal. So for the sake of making things simple from now on all my totals will be from day one. I was not hungry at all yesterday which was really great. I felt a little hungry today after work, but was fine after dinner. I am so excited about this program and try not to fantasize too much about what my final weight might be (or cheesecake) I know it is possible to lose 30-35 pounds in one round. I also know I will be doing another round after this one, possibly 2 more, overall I hope to lose about 65#. Ultimately you can get back to your weight in high school, the least amount I can remember weighing was 128#, I can't even imagine that at this point but we will just take it one round at a time.

In other computer died. Not sure what happened to it, I haven't had it that long but it was a hand me down from my mom. Matt thinks any computer I use eventually dies (not true), I am using his now (not to test that), there is no money in the budget for a new one. I would honestly rather have a camera.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Day 5 - Panic & Day 6

So day 5 morning I woke up and got on the scale and it said Lo (awesome huh?) oh, it meant battery, I knew that. Anyway, my scale takes a little flat battery, the kind you don't have just laying around. I finally gave up and decided I wasn't going to get to weigh. After my shower my dsh (dear sweet husband in case you didn't know) found a heart rate monitor that had the right size battery and fixed my scale. So my weigh-in was after shower instead first thing in the am. and I was down 3.1#. I was excited but still nervous that it would go back up this morning, way up. Well, I did have a gain today of 0.1. Not too bad, knowing that scales aren't 100% accurate. I knew the 3# days wouldn't be forever. I wasn't as hungry as the day before, even made mashed potatoes for my family while dh grilled our steaks and asparagus. I did however have a little more of a headache, I had upped the detox drops in my water, that might have done it. I will ask at work today.

Confession: Usually any gain is explained by some form of cheating. I did have a bite of the kids orange slice when I was making theirs thinking I would just skip a bite of mine later to make up for it. I didn't. Not sure if that is the reason for my small gain (no loss) or not but I won't test that again. Another problem may have been getting butter on my hands during cooking, not much but getting oils of any kind on you is something that is warned about. I guess we shall see tomorrow. I must say it is sometimes hard to sleep, kind of like Christmas Eve, wanting to know what the scale will say in the morning.

I prefer blog posts with pictures so here is one. This was taken at a scrapbook weekend I went on with my (skinny) friend Christina. It wasn't quiet a year ago, I don't remember my weight when we were there, probably a few pounds less than I am now. Soon I will be less than in this photo, I will.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Day 4

Well, today has been about the same as yesterday as far a hunger goes. Once you have been on the HCG for 10 days (or less) everyone I have talked to says the hunger is gone. Several people have told me that they were never hungry (they always had gained the 5 + pounds during feasting). The only thing that makes today way easier is knowing that I was down 3.4# this morning. Overall I have lost 5# since starting HCG but only 1# from pre-feasting weight. If you aren't confused you aren't trying hard enough.
There are very specific restrictions on this program as far as products you can use (eyeliner, chapstick, mascara, all fine) and can't use (no lotions, makeup- unless it is mineral, or anti-persperant- deodorant is fine) but I haven't really had any problems. I would love a bubble bath (the bubbles provide cover you know) but will settle for just a hot bath tonight. I have manged to injure my knee during this and it is really bothering me today, but rest and a bath should help.
I know the weigh (fat) loss I had this morning was on the high side and I won't have many more days, if any, like that but tonight I am sure I will dream about it.

Friday, April 3, 2009


Today I got my first (real) paycheck in a long time. I have been working part-time at our church play group but my check barely covered my gas, as nice as it was to get one, it didn't really count. Anyway, back to my real one, it was so nice to see my name next to a nice dollar amount. I am enjoying my new job although I am behind on laundry, dishes, laundry, blog reading, laundry, quilting, laundry, crafting, oh did I mention laundry? Anyway, I suppose things will even out soon, I mean, I am not the first person to work and have kids.

Today was also my first day on my new program. It is actually the 3rd day but my first day to eat only 500 calories. Yes, that is right 500. Yes, that is right, I am crazy. However I have had several friends do this program and it works. I hope to keep you posted on how it is going but I have promised to post more before so don't hold your breath. (who is she talking to anyway? must be the lack of calories)

So, day 3 - I have been a little hungry today, I was afraid of this because I didn't put on at least 5 pounds in the 5-7 days prior to starting (I only made it 4). The hunger isn't unbearable and I have definately been hungrier on other "diets". This actually isn't a diet but a way to reset your hypothalomus using HCG injections (more on that later). It is based on Dr. Simeons book Pounds and Inches. Most people average about a pound a day in fat loss. I am lucky since I am working at the clinic that offers this program and I have lots of support however, I don't work again until Monday so these few days may be a little harder. Overall I think I have done pretty well, it isn't too long until bed time and I still have an orange to eat. I will try and explain more about the program over the next 46 days (it is 49 days total). Don't want to bore you too much right now. I did take before photos and will post them, in 46 days with my after photos, don't want to bore you or gross you out. So, I will try and post daily, or close to it about my weight loss and something about how the day went.

And just for fun, in case you are the ONLY person left (it has almost 18 million hits as of right now) that didn't see this video on youtube, it is worth checking out.