Monday, April 6, 2009

Day 5 - Panic & Day 6

So day 5 morning I woke up and got on the scale and it said Lo (awesome huh?) oh, it meant battery, I knew that. Anyway, my scale takes a little flat battery, the kind you don't have just laying around. I finally gave up and decided I wasn't going to get to weigh. After my shower my dsh (dear sweet husband in case you didn't know) found a heart rate monitor that had the right size battery and fixed my scale. So my weigh-in was after shower instead first thing in the am. and I was down 3.1#. I was excited but still nervous that it would go back up this morning, way up. Well, I did have a gain today of 0.1. Not too bad, knowing that scales aren't 100% accurate. I knew the 3# days wouldn't be forever. I wasn't as hungry as the day before, even made mashed potatoes for my family while dh grilled our steaks and asparagus. I did however have a little more of a headache, I had upped the detox drops in my water, that might have done it. I will ask at work today.

Confession: Usually any gain is explained by some form of cheating. I did have a bite of the kids orange slice when I was making theirs thinking I would just skip a bite of mine later to make up for it. I didn't. Not sure if that is the reason for my small gain (no loss) or not but I won't test that again. Another problem may have been getting butter on my hands during cooking, not much but getting oils of any kind on you is something that is warned about. I guess we shall see tomorrow. I must say it is sometimes hard to sleep, kind of like Christmas Eve, wanting to know what the scale will say in the morning.

I prefer blog posts with pictures so here is one. This was taken at a scrapbook weekend I went on with my (skinny) friend Christina. It wasn't quiet a year ago, I don't remember my weight when we were there, probably a few pounds less than I am now. Soon I will be less than in this photo, I will.

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Christina said...

Holy cow my hair was long back then. Was that really already a year ago:(