Tuesday, April 7, 2009

7 for 7

Today was day seven and I have lost 7 pounds (that's a movie isn't it?). Now if you add up my weight loss to now you will notice it is more than 7. The first two days on the diet you are still eating to capacity and I had a 2+ gain on day two. That is normal. So for the sake of making things simple from now on all my totals will be from day one. I was not hungry at all yesterday which was really great. I felt a little hungry today after work, but was fine after dinner. I am so excited about this program and try not to fantasize too much about what my final weight might be (or cheesecake) I know it is possible to lose 30-35 pounds in one round. I also know I will be doing another round after this one, possibly 2 more, overall I hope to lose about 65#. Ultimately you can get back to your weight in high school, the least amount I can remember weighing was 128#, I can't even imagine that at this point but we will just take it one round at a time.

In other news....my computer died. Not sure what happened to it, I haven't had it that long but it was a hand me down from my mom. Matt thinks any computer I use eventually dies (not true), I am using his now (not to test that), there is no money in the budget for a new one. I would honestly rather have a camera.

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