Saturday, April 11, 2009

8, 9, & 10

Well, I had a small gain on day 8 of .1 but am pretty sure I traced it to the grissino bread stick I ate, it is allowed on the original diet but as is the case with most stuff in America they have added oil. So that left me with a .8 loss on day 9 and .3 on day 10. Basically 1 # over 3 days. I am sure I am missing something I just haven't figured out what it is yet. So yesterday I decided to go back to the very basics which paid off because I had 1.3# loss this morning. My total now is -9.3# in 11 days (although in the program you eat normally for the first 2 injection days).

Today is the Easter egg hunt at church, I am hoping that the weather cooperates and we are able to do this at the park. Trying to blackmail the kids into cleaning before we have to leave, not working all that great but they have made some progress. Suppose I better get to it also.

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