Saturday, April 4, 2009

Day 4

Well, today has been about the same as yesterday as far a hunger goes. Once you have been on the HCG for 10 days (or less) everyone I have talked to says the hunger is gone. Several people have told me that they were never hungry (they always had gained the 5 + pounds during feasting). The only thing that makes today way easier is knowing that I was down 3.4# this morning. Overall I have lost 5# since starting HCG but only 1# from pre-feasting weight. If you aren't confused you aren't trying hard enough.
There are very specific restrictions on this program as far as products you can use (eyeliner, chapstick, mascara, all fine) and can't use (no lotions, makeup- unless it is mineral, or anti-persperant- deodorant is fine) but I haven't really had any problems. I would love a bubble bath (the bubbles provide cover you know) but will settle for just a hot bath tonight. I have manged to injure my knee during this and it is really bothering me today, but rest and a bath should help.
I know the weigh (fat) loss I had this morning was on the high side and I won't have many more days, if any, like that but tonight I am sure I will dream about it.

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