Friday, April 3, 2009


Today I got my first (real) paycheck in a long time. I have been working part-time at our church play group but my check barely covered my gas, as nice as it was to get one, it didn't really count. Anyway, back to my real one, it was so nice to see my name next to a nice dollar amount. I am enjoying my new job although I am behind on laundry, dishes, laundry, blog reading, laundry, quilting, laundry, crafting, oh did I mention laundry? Anyway, I suppose things will even out soon, I mean, I am not the first person to work and have kids.

Today was also my first day on my new program. It is actually the 3rd day but my first day to eat only 500 calories. Yes, that is right 500. Yes, that is right, I am crazy. However I have had several friends do this program and it works. I hope to keep you posted on how it is going but I have promised to post more before so don't hold your breath. (who is she talking to anyway? must be the lack of calories)

So, day 3 - I have been a little hungry today, I was afraid of this because I didn't put on at least 5 pounds in the 5-7 days prior to starting (I only made it 4). The hunger isn't unbearable and I have definately been hungrier on other "diets". This actually isn't a diet but a way to reset your hypothalomus using HCG injections (more on that later). It is based on Dr. Simeons book Pounds and Inches. Most people average about a pound a day in fat loss. I am lucky since I am working at the clinic that offers this program and I have lots of support however, I don't work again until Monday so these few days may be a little harder. Overall I think I have done pretty well, it isn't too long until bed time and I still have an orange to eat. I will try and explain more about the program over the next 46 days (it is 49 days total). Don't want to bore you too much right now. I did take before photos and will post them, in 46 days with my after photos, don't want to bore you or gross you out. So, I will try and post daily, or close to it about my weight loss and something about how the day went.

And just for fun, in case you are the ONLY person left (it has almost 18 million hits as of right now) that didn't see this video on youtube, it is worth checking out.

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