Monday, October 1, 2007

Weekend musings

There are many things I admire about my oldest daughter (the oldest who still lives at home, the oldest oldest is in Hawaii) one of them is her readiness to try new things. I don't think I was that brave when I was her age. Last year she started going to Civil Air Patrol (CAP) and went all on her own, I always wanted a friend with me, still do. She has done wonderful and will have another promotion on Thursday. Anyway, she also started a new school today. We got a call last Wednesday that there was an opening at a local school and wondered if we wanted it, I hadn't even told Miranda that I put her on the wait list because I figured it was more for next year. We left the final decision up to her and although I wasn't sure she was going to go through with it on Friday, she did and is there now. When kids are little and you take them to a new school, you walk them to class, meet the teacher etc... this morning they whisked her off and I barely got to say I'll pick you up later. I was kind of "lost" after dropping her off, didn't really know what to do. Of course the two little ones started in that they were hungry and snapped me out of my fog, life moves fast huh?
My visit with my old friend on Wednesday was good. (by old, I mean the friendship is old not the friend, just in case you are reading this Bev) The kids picked right up as if they hadn't had a 2 year break. It was so neat to see how much they have grown and changed over the years. All 3 of her boys are great. The last time I had see the youngest he was almost 2 and now he just celebrated turning 4, he has changed the most, he is about the cutest little guy I have ever seen.
Just to continue with catching up we also went to a scrapbooking crop this weekend, there were 3 of us, we left my house about 6:30 am and traveled 2+ hours away, cropped, ate, conversed for 12 hours and headed home around 9 pm. This is the longest I have been away from all of my kids in many years. I won't lie, I had a wonderful time being "off duty" for the day. I was however glad to see my youngest still up when I returned home at 11:30 pm (man that is late for her), we settled in for a night time nursing and then she was content to play for a while so I could check my email (I had also been away from my computer!). We eventually went to bed around 12:30 am. As I was fixing my hair that morning I remember thinking there is no way this is really going to happen (I am usually a positive thinker but this was too good to be true so I had my doubts) When 6:30 came around and my friend wasn't here yet I was nervous so I called her, she was on her way! (no sure why I was worried when she wasn't her on time, neither one of us has been on time in years, and it was only a few minutes) I don't think it was until I sat down in my chair and started pulling out all my supplies that I realized I was actually going to have the opportunity to scrap book for 12 hours without kids interrupting, I believe at this point I was "giddy". We did leave and go have lunch (once again a treat to go have lunch with girlfriends, if all our kids had been they would have totaled 12) but worked through dinner (ordered pizza with some others). I finished journaling an album, got dh's album from his summer backpacking trip done (he will have to journal that one) and got a ton of organizing done. This crop was mostly consultants for Creative Memories (THE best scrap booking supplies available) so I picked up some good tips.
My wonderful Brother and Sister in law made a big donation to my Breast Cancer 3 day walk, I am getting closer! I am a little concerned that I have 25 days left and over 1200 left to raise but we have a big dinner planned for this weekend and hopefully that will help. Need to get my ebay aution up and going in the next few days. I will have 2 purposes for that, anything with pink in it will go for the 3 day walk any thing else will go for my Hawaii fund. Will post when it is up.
I have been fighting a cold for a while, fortunately felt pretty good on Saturday, but Sunday I was feeling kind of run down. The kids were playing good and I was able to rest a lot. I would still like to just lay around sipping tea today but at least I feel better. Overall, I had a great weekend, hope you did too.

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