Tuesday, October 2, 2007

School, a decision to be made

This morning I found my dd in tears as she stared at her uniform for her new school. It broke my heart, her dad and I want her to make a good decision about where to go to school and I know it may seem like one day isn't long enough to make an informed choice but frankly the things she told me about her new school makes me a little relieved that she doesn't want to go back. Now the curve ball, she didn't just say she doesn't want to go back she said she would rather be home schooled than to go back there. (I am not really sure if that is a complement on our previous home schooling experience or not) Anyway, I decided that for today at least, she will stay home and work on a report of sorts weighing the pros and cons and coming up with a plan if we decided to home school vs. returning to her previous school.
Speaking of schooling, ds is going to work with his dad for the second day in a row. I know he learns tons (probably more than at home) when he is with him. Yesterday they were looking at the map, and ds got orientated right away and pointed in the right direction and said there should be an airport over there and there was. (I must say I am glad he got his dad's sense of direction, and am quite glad that gps has been invented for him mom.)Haven't mentioned him before, but it has been two months since we lost our sweet Rex. Rex was Miranda's dog, they did lots together. For a long time they slept together, I had to put a stop to it because, well, he was quite slimy. But for all the hair he shed and slime the shook, we miss him terribly. As I am cleaning I will usually find a reminder of him, slobber 8 feet up the wall from a head shake (think Turner and Hooch), or a sock from the depths of dd's room that is still hanging on to some of his hair. We found out in May, right before a camping trip with some friends, that he had bone cancer. We made a few adjustments to our schedule and took him with us on our trip instead of the to younger ones. I think that was a very healing trip. We all took turns babysitting him while others went on hikes or to the beach (no dogs allowed) and once again he was sleeping with his master. He turned around for a while, quit limping and even jumped around with his other canine buddies, but then his pain got worse and meds got stronger but didn't provide the relief he needed. When we moved here in 1999 we brought 4 dogs with us, Rex was the last of these. First we lost Cass, she too was a mastiff, Rex's girlfriend, then our Golden, Princess (didn't name her, she came that way) and then Zach, our Great Pyr. For the first time in 15 years we don't have a Neapolitan Mastiff among us.

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