Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Not quite 3 months...

So apparently I suck at this blogging thing. I would love to say my New Years Resolution is to post everyday and update everyone on the lives of my children and the progress in the basement etc... However I didn't even make a list of resolutions. I think I just, in general, want to try and be more like the person I want to be. A more attentive mother, a better house keeper (yikes!), better with the budget, ummm, create a budget. Just the basics. I am not even going to mention losing weight because frankly that is a given. So, what have we been up to since October, not much. Older dd did go back to her old school and her grades are wonderful. She has also had 2 promotions at CAP since then. Her squadron participated in the Wreaths Across America in December and even made it into the local paper.
Of course it was cold and windy during the ceremony but it was still beautiful. It is amazing to see all of the men and women who have protected our freedom but have lost their lives. It would be great if next year they were able to get more than just 7 wreaths, I would love to see the whole cemetery covered in green.

Well, our oldest dd has moved back from Hawaii, YEAH! So her and her boyfriend were here for Christmas. It was really nice to have all the kids home for Christmas morning. From here on every year that it happens I realize it could be the last. I am sure that someday they will have their own families and not be here to wake us up early to open their presents. And we might get to sleep in...wait, that wasn't where I was going with that was it? I can not remember the last time my sister and I were both with our mom for Christmas.

We also have put our ds in Kindergarten. He seems to be enjoying it. It is quiet around here in the mornings while he is gone but the kids sure make up for it in the afternoon. We will just have to take it one year at a time. I am not going to go back and read all my posts with homeschooling affirmations in them as I will then just feel bad, I think that for now this is the right decision.

The two littlest girls just enjoy playing with their babies. I love to hear them play, the youngest calls her older sister "Maymi", it is the sweetest thing to hear. Not sure her sister agrees. When it is just the two of them they play really well but as soon as brother comes home she ditches the "baby" to play with the big boys.

Okay, a little basement progress note: not much going on. The electrical is almost complete. We ran into some snags on plumbing and dh has had to remove some concrete from the basement (the dust is horrible). It would seem that before there was any framing two of the pipes were broke off (ds ran into one with his bike, not sure about the other one) And since we decided to put the other washer and dryer down there we needed to make some adjustments to the mudroom. So it was all framed and now it is not, had to remove some to get to the concrete. Dh informed me yesterday that he is going to have to cut even more concrete.... one step forward two steps back, will it ever be done?

Usually I am a big fan of winter, however this year I am already over it and we have barely gotten started. I have just been so cold. I was at Hobby Lobby the other day and they have so much garden stuff out already, little fairies and stone statues. I am excited about having a garden this year (I am always excited but it never seems to get done). We got our Burpee catalog too, so we have been creating our wish list. We will just have to see if 2008 is the year it gets done.

Last, here are a few pictures from the last couple of months. Hope everyone has a great start to their new year!

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