Thursday, January 17, 2008

grateful day : : 8

I know I was going to try not to repeat myself but truly I could type one thing 5 times and be no less grateful than the first time I wrote it. DD slept from 8pm to 5 am last night!!!!!! That is it, I am 5 times grateful for the first nights sleep I have had in about 6 years. Now, she did wake up and cry out a couple of times but never more than a few little cries then went back to sleep, didn't even wake her sister right next to her. I don't even dream that it will happen again tonight, I have thought maybe it was the blueberries she ate as a bed time snack? We will try that again although I am sure they had nothing to do with it. I could easily become superstitious and try to replicate all that is done on a night that she sleeps peacefully.

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