Sunday, January 13, 2008

grateful day : : 4

So yesterday my pictures were not delivered and I did not get to go crop (2/5 of my gratefuls for yesterday). I was planning on going anyway, I really am so far behind that I have plenty to do but was very disappointed since I envisioned finishing last years album. Before I left our ds was playing in the hammock in the basement and the rope broke, he hit his head on the concrete floor. He got a hug and didn't want me to check his head, seemed ok. I left a little bit latter. While I was in the check out at the store dh called and said ds couldn't see . I raced back and met them on the road and we went to the er. On the way I sat in the back with ds, he kept asking "when will I see again?" and he would stare right at me and ask where I was. He started having speech problems on the way too. He kept saying he wished this was a dreak (I am sure he was trying to say dream and couldn't make the word) And then he asked me when he was going to die. That was enough to throw me over the edge.
We got to the hospital and they got him back for a ct right away which showed nothing out of the ordinary. The hooked him up to a monitor and let him sleep for a few minutes then asked him about our dogs, he said we didn't have any (we have always had at least 2 dogs). I asked him his sisters names and he couldn't tell me. He slept a little more and when he woke up his vision returned and he could name his sisters and dogs. The original dr wanted him to stay overnight, the on call dr for our dr didn't see any reason to expose him to all the sickness in the peds ward and figured if anything went wrong we could have him back with in 30 minutes, we agreed. So we took him home. He slept for a while and then we all watched Superman. He slept with us last night, I checked his breathing every few minutes. It is hard to believe but I think he is just fine.
So what am I grateful for on the beautiful Sunday?
1. That my handsome son can see.
2. That he remembers his family.
3. That he is excited about his friends birthday party (it is next door so I THINK I can let him go).
4. That this has made me more aware of the delicate balance in life.
5. I am even grateful that he was being a pain in the butt already this morning.

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