Tuesday, January 15, 2008

grateful day : : 6

Yes, I know there was no grateful day 5, believe me it was better not to post yesterday, it would have been the opposite of grateful and since it is all about being positive, I just skipped it.
Anyway, there is lots going on most of which I will not post on the internet, and last night in the middle of the night (thanks to youngest dd I was up to ponder) I came to the conclusion that I really just needed to give it over to God and not worry so much. So todays list ...
1. I am grateful that we have a full pantry and fridge to eat out of for the next week.
2. I am grateful that my dd made the basketball team, Varsity no less.
3. I am grateful that I didn't get too cranky with the kids even though I was very tired today.
4. I am grateful that my dh heard my needs last night and took over the littlest dd around 3 am so I got to sleep for a while.
5. I am grateful that I took the time to enjoy the amazing Colorado sky on a moonless night.
6. I am grateful that we got propane delivered so I can take a nice hot bath without worrying that I might be using up the last of the gas.

That last one was a bonus!

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