Thursday, January 24, 2008

I don't know where time goes! If I miss one day on the blog then it turns into 2, then a whole week has gone by. Well, I will just jump back in.
1. I am grateful that dd and her boyfriend made it down for the night on Friday ( the normal <2 hour trip took 5 + due to weather and traffic)
2. I am grateful that my back is feeling better and I have a Chiro appointment today.
3. I am grateful that my dd first basketball game went well even thought they lost.
4. I am grateful that my fil called and told dh that he is taking him and his brother on a fishing trip this summer in AK. ( I love halibut and it is wonderful when it is fresh)
5. I am grateful that I get to go scrapbooking this weekend. (ds is not allowed in the hammock so I WILL get to go)

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