Saturday, August 25, 2007

Going Camping, sort of....

So, we are going camping today, just for the night. The in-laws are staying at a campground about 3-4 hours from here and so we will join them. I prefer when we camp to not go for less than 2 nights (too much work for just one) and I really like it better when we are up in the mountains so my children and dogs can run free... But at least the in-laws have a nice camper and the kids like it so they will no doubt want to be over there vs our tent, and I am counting on them cooking, so really it isn't going to be so much like camping as it will be just visiting, from a tent.

I think this is my favorite picture right now, the kids look like they actually like each other and were playing really well. For the most part they are good playmates, but every now and then they fight like ....well, like brother and sister.

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