Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Tomorrow is a new day

I started off this morning cleaning. I got the office cleaned and rearranged, the kids cleaned their room and I got it vacuumed, and I even got my room straightened (I won't call it clean...) and the vacuumed, then today happened. After 6 kids were done with it, the house looks only a little better then if a tornado had come through. This is partly my fault because I am trying to get our school area set up and I had to move around the toy area, then of course, I had to roll up the rug because it had to be swept underneath, and I never get to finish a project in the same day so I will have to put it all back together tomorrow.
Yesterday we went to our first homeschool park day with the coop group in COS. The kids had a great time and seemed to enjoy meeting new kids. I think ds will have a good time this fall when we have class once a week. The moms were all real nice and welcomed us. I hope to get to know them better.
Yesterday was such a long day and I think that might have had an impact on ds behavior today. I just don't know what to do when he has such a horrible, no good, rotten kind of day. It is frustrating to see him make one bad decision after another. We had some friends over and that was good for dd because she got to play with her friend and not get into it with her brother. Unfortunately for ds's friend he wasn't being very nice. Sometimes I can trace his behavior to too much sugar, but I think today it must have just been too much over stimulation. This makes my list of reasons to homeschool even bigger. I can just imagine having a day like that at school.
In the midst of all that was wrong today I feel I must find some good in it. For quite a while today ds did come and sit with me, just needing to be touched and cuddled. We were watching a show and it had someone on there who was in a tornado, he had so many questions. Since I grew up in Oklahoma I was able to answer most of those accurately :) . The mother on the show was also paralyzed as a result and that was another whole set of questions. It was amazing that the mother was so grateful for life even though she was having to learn how to do everything from her chair. She said she spends a whole lot more time just watching the kids. As hard as it is for me to realize it in the middle of all the chaos, I know that too soon these little ones will be grown. I was trying to have the littlest babe, who is 16 months old today, sleep in the room with her brother and sister and just going to get her when she would wake up. For the last few nights she has gone to bed with us instead and I have to say it has been nice. I like feeling her little body curled up next to me, although usually by morning she is closer to her Dad, (she would have to be classified as a Daddy's girl I think).
A few years back we adopted a border collie mix from the pound. Dh actually picked him out and I was hoping they would bond. Well, the poor dog is scared to death of dh, but the other night we had a really bad thunder storm and the dog just jumped right up on his lap, 3 different times. And when dh went into his office he went around and got under the desk. You would really have to know how petrified this dog is of dh to know that he must have been just out of his mind when the storm hit.


Oberon said...'s that sandal tan coming along?

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The downside of watching each other's kiddos is the house, huh? Ugh, sorry. (Was F over as well--wondering where #6 came from?)