Saturday, July 28, 2007

Questions, questions....

I think I determined that from the time my son opens his beautiful brown eyes in the morning to the time they close again at night he can ask roughly 1,342 questions. I thought the estimate was a little high but last night while putting the kids to bed he asked at least 100 more. They are anything from "why does my owie still hurt?" (which you can never answer fully, he will always ad another "but why?") to "where is my sister now?" (big sister is visiting relatives in Oklahoma right now). I had told him NO MORE QUESTIONS before that one but then negotiated to answer that one last one (big mistake) because of course there were more. Little sister doesn't ask near as many, most of hers are just simple why questions, I don't need a science degree or the internet to answer those. They have already rubbed off on the baby, she is always pointing and saying "Wha dat?". On the bright side it makes me realize that our decision to homeschool him is a good one. (If that is news to anyone reading this I hope you will support me in this adventure). I don't know a teacher anywhere that would be able to stop and answer at least half his questions in a day.
A few weeks ago he was stuck on whether or not things were flammable (boys!) we are over that for now and on to what sinks and what floats,thankfully, I can handle that one much easier. We made an oil and water bottle yesterday after seeing one at our friends house and he loves it. He isn't up yet, wonder how many questions he will ask before we leave this morning, I should try and keep track.

Well, dh did make it back safe and sound. He kind of looks like his feet were bound or something. He has blisters on the back and the skin is rubbed completely off in the front, he has been wearing sandals for two days but today we have to go to the mountains to finish a job so the boots will have to be put on. ouch! The pictures he took on his trip made me even more sad I wasn't there, it is absolutely beautiful up there (and quiet). Fortunately my dear friend saw how much I wanted to be there and offer to watch the kids next year so dh and I can do a trip (I am so very excited) I would think our dd will go too, she will be 14 by then (really?). So we now have about a year to get the llamas ready to pack, or else pack it ourselves, which is what we have done in the past.

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Gina said...

Your son is the perfect candidate for homeschooling--bright, curious, and a little naughty. ;) You're right, no teacher would be able to give him the one-on-one he needs, and it wouldn't take long before he learned to stop asking questions.

I am so glad you'll be on this adventure with me. And whoo-boy, it is an adventure!