Thursday, July 19, 2007

rain, rain, rain

Today was one of those strangely long days. I started off with a walk at the school track. My friends and I are training for the Breast Cancer 3 day and thought that the kids (6 of them between the two of us) would play on the football field while we walked. That didn't happen. Then we were off to swim lessons, ds did so good, he has one more lesson tomorrow. Afterwards we went a got a birthday present for a friend and then went to her party. The kids had a great time "painting" with pudding all over the basement. (I was really glad we weren't at my house.) I did realize that I need to let the kids get messy more often since my son kept telling me how much fun he had. The kids were really good today too, especially ds. After the party we came home and relaxed for a while. My husband came home with our older dd after working in the mountains and they were soaked. The nice thing about the rain is it really cools things down so I was able to open up the house (this is important I promise). We went to take dd to Civil Air Patrol and then get something to eat and while we were eating it started raining and raining, it was still coming down in buckets when it was time to leave to pick dd up so we all got wet, I think that it kind of scared our 3 y.o. dd but she did okay. Long story short, when we got home the dining room was flooded, our new table had water all over it and the chairs, and the water had also leaked in the basement and through the vents. All in all nothing was ruined, I think the wood floors will be okay, and I learned never to leave the windows open it there is a cloud in the sky.
I have been thinking that since dh is going to be gone most of next week that I might have a slumber party. Haven't had one in about 20 years, might be fun, a few moms, a few more kids, lots of great food and drinks and we could have a great time. I will have to think a little more on it but for now, I am off to bed before the baby wakes up to nurse. Goodnight.

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