Tuesday, February 19, 2008

We have the Pox

Well, sometimes friends bring you fun stuff. We weren't sure we were ready for this adventure but it was decided for us and we have Chicken pox. Now, I am glad we have it, so far not too bad. Only Logan and Julia have spots right now, Naomi missed this time. Logan was crabby, tired and feverish the first day but Julia hasn't really been too bad. I think they have a pretty mild case.

Yesterday Julia discovered a mid evil form of bondage (aka the bra) . She was quiet sure she was doing it right. I never thought I would post a picture of my bra on my blog but she is so cute in it so here ya go.Sleep has been kind of rare around here, and not because of the pox. A few weeks ago we lost our little Rosie to a coyote. I will spare the details but it has been kind of traumatic. I just wanted to say that although I complained (daily) about her I miss her like crazy.
Bye sweet girl, we loved you!

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