Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Feeding the Family

I never got around to posting photos from our garden last year. I wish I had taken one at the end of it's life, truly it had a life of it's own. We had the usual tomatoes, squash and peppers (the grasshoppers ate all of our pepper plants). Logan sprouted some beans from the pantry and we planted them too. He loved working in the garden with his dad ( I know I have pics somewhere...) I am excited to have an even bigger garden this year. All the kids like to help out, the evenings are so nice and cool in CO, makes for a great family time.

Yesterday we picked up our year (?) supply of beef. I am not much on red meat mostly because I was an animal science major in college and visited a few meat packing plants. We tend to only use buffalo because it is what I can get that is hormone and antibiotic free. Anyway, this beef was grass fed close to home, raised with out hormones or antibiotics, and came to us without the outrageous grocery store mark up. We will be having steak tonight, I hope it is good. Fortunately we still have some fish in the freezer from dh's trip to AK last summer, to balance it all out. I love the idea of eating more locally (not counting the fish). I doubt our family could ever accomplish what this family did but I will do my best.

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