Sunday, January 11, 2009

Busy Weekend

Friday was such a fun day. The Varsity basketball teams at our daughters school got to play their game at the Pepsi Center in Denver. That was great in itself but the fact that they won made it all the better. After their games we went out to dinner at Old Chicago, my first time there, not the greatest place to go on a diet but the food was wonderful. Then we went back to the Pepsi Center to watch the Nuggets vs. Pistons. It was a very interesting experience. The last 20 seconds of the game were intense and, after being ahead for the entire game the Nuggets lost.

It was a late night for us (we got home after 1 am) but it was nice to spend the day with just Miranda. I also went to her game on Saturday, their team won by 1 point. I have got to find a way to watch the games without stressing out so much. I love watching her play but it makes me crazy when the scores are so close and the refs keep making awful calls. We have about 2 games a week between now and Feb 20th, hopefully I don't have a stroke.

Tonight Julia came down the basement stairs (there are 17 of them with concrete at the bottom) carrying her 4 babies, each one in a bag, (yes they are my grocery bags). How she managed not to fall is beyond me. She is such a little mommy, she has found the bags much easier to handle than the sling.

I have many projects I hope to complete this year. My main ones are to make a quilt for the three youngest kids. I have finally found fabric for the two girls. This is Naomi's. She really wanted something with horses but their room is yellow and tangerine, horses just don't come in those colors. I think I will look for some sheets, she can have whatever under the quilt. She does like the fairies, really, what's not to love about them?

These prints are for Julia's quilt. I am not sure what pattern I am using on either quilt yet, I imagine it will be some random, wonky kind of quilt. I search all over the internet yesterday and then ended up dreaming about quilts all night. If you have any suggestions please let me know. I am thinking about something like this one.
Any of my long time readers (ha ha) might remember my first quilt, I promised to post it as soon as it is done. It still isn't done. I really don't like it at all. I will finish it and I will post a picture, I haven't forgotten. The main reason I don't like it is because I made it with clearance fabric. I will never make another quilt out of cheap fabric (you get what you pay for).
I am still looking for fabric for Logan's quilt. He said he likes this one and I do too, I am just worried that it will only be used for a year or so. He will be 8 this year, will he out grow it soon? I am thinking I could make a reversible one where the back side of the turtle fabric is just different prints. I feel bad for him, I get so excited when fabric comes in the mail and he keeps asking when his is coming. Again, suggestions are needed here.
I will have to post about my other major project soon, I need some pictures first.

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Jenn said...

The turtles are just adorable! Maybe you can work it in in a small block size to retail the cuteness but let it be toned down by something that will grow with him more? The fairies are simply perfect! I would love to have them! I know where you live too, hmmm. JK!